We've not only built 3 new sports in the past year (NBA, Bracket Mania, and League of Legends), but we've made some improvements to our football product, too! We wanted to share some of the biggest things Sleeper has added since the end of last year's football season.

Hey Sleepers!

We hope you are staying safe and have had a good summer so far. Football is right around the corner, and we're looking forward to it just as much as you are.

We've not only built 3 new sports in the past year (NBA, Bracket Mania, and League of Legends), but we made many improvements to our football product, too!

Here are some of the biggest things Sleeper has added since the end of last year's football season.

Voice Chat

In case you needed another reason to use Sleeper, the new Voice Lounge feature is out and it's 🔥🔥🔥

With this new feature, you can talk to your leaguemates anytime over voice chat.

Your draft experience will be taken to the next level, and game days will never be the same, as you can now hang out remotely with the push of a button.

You can read more about this new feature here: Voice Chat

New Trade Center

We completely revamped our Trade Center on the mobile app. You can send exploding trade offers, show trade interest in a player, or assign players to your trade block.

This also include counter options and a much a grid view showing all rosters in one place, making it easy for you to see what's available.

You can read the full details here: Trade Center.

Fighting Mascots

We're taking our mascots to the next level. At the top of your matchup screen in the mobile app, your mascots will not fight with each other throughout each week.

Depending how your team is performing for a specific week, you mascot will attack your opponent's based on the scoring.

CPU Auto-Pick

This option was already available for the commissioner to use, but we've given each individual user this function as well.

In your draft room, you can set your team to autopick at any time. If you miss a pick at any point in the draft, the system will automatically enable autopick for your team for the rest of the draft.

Stat Corrections

With part of our addition of a new data provider, we are giving users information on stat corrections.

We understand the chaos that a correction can make on a league, especially when it alters a matchup a couple of days after it goes final.

Starting this year, you'll be able to view what stats had changed and when. It's a completely public and viewable list that you can access at any time. We'll have more information about this once the regular season begins.

Faster Stats

We've added a second data provider that will help allow us to provide more up-to-date stats, so you can see your players accumulate points faster. We're getting these straight from the source, so an improved gameday experience can be expected.

Left Panel Redesign

We overhauled the entire left panel in the app, giving users more flexibility to how their leagues appear.

Now, you can organize your leagues and put them in the order you'd like. We also added the ability to archive any current or past league so that it is hidden from your view.

The left panel redesign also includes an improve search function, an easier way to mock draft, and more. You can read more about those changes here.

3rd Round Reversal

We've added an option to the draft order. With 3RR you can reverse the order that the draft is going starting with the 3rd round.

Basically, this option allows a greater balance in the league for the duration of the draft.

You can read more about how it works and how it makes for a little bit fairer draft overall.

Playoff Re-Seeding

For your fantasy postseason, you'll be able to have your matchups automatically adjust based on seeding rather than a regular bracket.

In you league settings, you now have the option to make that change now, but you can always adjust this as the fantasy playoffs get closer.

Different Leagues, Different Avatars

You can finally change your avatar for each specific league that you're in. This way, you can represent each individual fantasy team with a unique avatar for each!

Team Names On Top

This one is relatively simple. As you can see in our Tweet below, we've made it so that your team name is more prominent. We've simply swapped the username and teamname around.

Covid Designations

We've increased the maximum number of IR spots in leagues from 5 to 10.

And we've added an option that will allow players on the NFL's Covid list to be placed in fantasy IR spots.

We added a similar option for players who opt-out, and those will get a DNR (Did Not Report) tag.

Read more about how these tags work and when they are applied.

Fantasy Football Tutorial

For those users who aren't sure exactly how fantasy football works, we've put together a tutorial that explains it in just a couple of minutes.

In addition to all of those upgrades, we've worked on other areas of the app as well, including performance and stability and push notifications.

Thank you!

Thank you for choosing Sleeper as the place to hang out with your leaguemates. We have a lot more in store for 2021 :)

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Best of luck this fantasy season!