We have recently launched a new version of the Sleeper app where you'll see that we have completely re-modeled the left panel. With our recent update, you'll see that we've made efforts to improve the accessibility for users.

With the latest version of the Sleeper app, you’ll see a completely remodeled left panel. If you haven’t downloaded the latest version of the app. Do that now.

This section of the app allows you to view messages, leagues, draftboards, and channels. But with our recent update, you'll see that we've made efforts to improve the user experience to access all of those things.

Direct Messages

This update brings your DMs to the forefront, highlighting your most recent interactions right at the top of your screen. You can quickly jump into your latest conversations and chat with people about potential trades, who should go first overall, creating another league, and more.

Right under that, you'll see a revamped list of all the leagues you're in for the current season.

Organize your leagues

It's finally here! We've received numerous requests to allow users the ability to customize the order in which the leagues appear, and now you have that option available to you.

Tap on the organize league icon at the top of your leagues.

Then, you can drag and drop the specific leagues to create your custom order.

You can also press on the box icon to the left of a specific league to archive it. It won't delete the league, but it will hide it from the active screen so it's not visible.

Any archived leagues will appear underneath the list of your active leagues. You can make them visible again at any time by pressing on the add or plus icon.

New notification banners

We've made your league invites, friend requests, and notifications much more accessible and easier to navigate through.

Once you receive a notification, it will appear right above your username at the bottom of your screen. You can open that to find a full view of the notifications and see anything that you have been alerted about, with user-friendly options to accept or decline each of them:

Mock Drafts

You can now easily differentiate between your mock drafts for different sports. We recently launched NBA leagues on Sleeper. Go here to learn more.

You'll be able to start an NFL or an NBA mock draft with ease, and you can view your previous mock drafts for both sports underneath those options.

This new upgrade features a search bar that allows you to find users and leagues that match the criteria you entered.

Below, we searched "Fantasy" and it brought up the most relevant users and leagues that included that word.

Download the latest version of Sleeper from the App Store or Google Play and see these great changes for yourself!