We're thrilled to announce that we now support NBA dynasty leagues on Sleeper! Dynasty leagues give team owners the ability to act like a real-life GM.

We’re thrilled to announce that we now support NBA dynasty leagues on Sleeper!

Dynasty leagues give team owners the ability to act like a real-life general manager. Since all players remain with the team from year to year, owners have full control on how they build and run their teams as they try to create, well, a true dynasty.

For some users, a dynasty league could sound intimidating. They can be stressful and time-consuming, but they don’t have to be.

A dynasty league doesn’t have to be an insanely deep league with rosters of 30+ players. You can easily have a simple league with basic scoring settings and rosters positions, but still have that same sense of control as a GM.

Part of our mission at Sleeper is to create a platform for all kinds of users, and our dynasty leagues are made to reflect that. Whether you consider yourself a casual, beginner, intermediate, expert, or elite fantasy player, you’ll find that Sleeper is made for all types of levels.

Why you should consider dynasty instead of a redraft or keeper league

More Strategy

A couple of the best reasons to do dynasty is that you can own players indefinitely. and that makes the original draft becomes that much more important.

If you’re lucky enough to get the 1st overall pick, you can grab an elite player such as James Harden, but is it better idea to go with a younger player who can be an asset for your team much longer?

Own “Your Guys”

Whomever you choose to pick is on your team until you drop them or trade them away, and it’s why a ton of strategy can go into that first draft.

Typically, leagues prefer to conduct slow drafts, giving each owner several hours to make each pick, resulting in a draft over the span of days or weeks.

One of the players I really like is Bam Adebayo, so I targeted him in my league below, and I was able to snag him in the 2nd round:

Now, I don’t have to worry about trying to draft him in any following years. He’s locked into my team.

Weekly Game Decisions

That’s right. You don’t need to worry about logging on every single day to set your team’s lineup. This is what we call Game Pick, where you can only use each player for one of their games in that week.

We chose to do it this way because of an imbalanced schedule where you could potentially get more points than your opponent just because you had more games played for the week.

By doing it this way, it allows for simpler, but more strategic, choices for each player. It also creates a fairer matchup on a weekly basis.

You’re never out of it

Okay, well maybe you can be out of the running for your league’s playoffs, but there’s still reason to remain active.

If a team owner is having a rough season in redraft leagues, it’s easy to deem it as a throwaway year and just wait for a brand new team next year. But with a dynasty, that owner can start a rebuild, just as a real-life general manager might do. They can start trading for future draft picks and try to turn their team around.

Most leagues have a rookie/free agent draft each year, so it makes sense to trade for those picks to better prepare for the following season.

Give our NBA dynasty leagues a try and let us know what you think.

Download the app and create a dynasty league here!