At Sleeper, our mission is to continue connecting people through sports, and our recent app redesign reflects the pursuit of that mission.

At Sleeper, our mission is to continue connecting people through sports, and our recent app redesign reflects the pursuit of that mission.

Why Did We Redesign the Sleeper App?

We are building the ultimate fantasy sports experience that is deeply social and fun. To achieve our goal of giving you the best fantasy sports platform, major improvements on our scores and content experience were necessary.

What the New Sleeper Experience Unlocks

- Easily jump between live stats and scores across all games and your fantasy players with the new dedicated Scores Tab. Now, you’ll never miss a big play from your rostered players.

- Bring your friends over to Sleeper more easily with a concise and seamless onboarding flow, making it easier to convince those stubborn leaguemates to finally make the switch.

- New tools coming soon to make managing your fantasy teams faster, easier, and more in-depth than ever before via our MINIs tab. This will include trade calculators, start/sit advice, league power rankings, draft analyzers, and much more.

- Enhanced content and alerts feed that gives you 24/7 news, rumors, alerts and communities around your favorite leagues and teams. Curated for your preferences.

Coming Soon

Over the next month, we are introducing gestures that will help you navigate the app faster and more intuitively, along with continued performance improvements, and dozens of quality of life improvements in the Sleeper app.

New Features on the Way

The following features are in progress to continue improving your Sleeper experience:

- Best-in-Class Field Visualization during live NFL games so you can follow along play-by-play with any NFL game in-app.

- Player news on fantasy players you roster directly integrated into our content feed.

- Ability to chat with other fantasy managers about mutually rostered players.

- Enhanced Modern chat features like being able to chat during live games with other fans in the scores tab that make Sleeper more social than ever before.

- Player research MINI to quickly look up stats, news and status updates on fantasy players, even if your league is not hosted on Sleeper.


Why can’t I edit my avatar?
This was a bug and has now been fixed.

How can I use mascots now?
You can now use your mascots as your profile picture and/or team avatar. See below on how to use a mascot as your profile picture.

1. Navigate to your Team page in a fantasy league
2. Click "My Team" under My Team Settings
3. Click the pencil/edit button next to your profile picture
4. Select your mascot

Will Horizontal Orientation come to iPad?
Yes. We are currently working on implementing horizontal orientation on iPad.

How do I locate the Player Watch List?
See below on how to access the player watch list in-app.

1. Go to the "Players" tab in your fantasy league. Click either available or leaders.
2. Click the star button to see your player watch list.

How do I Hide the Sleeper Picks Tab?
We are currently working on a function that will allow you to hide the Sleeper Picks DFS tab if you are in an area where you cannot play, or are not interested in playing.

Going Forward

At Sleeper, we will always prioritize user feedback. Your input is what allows us to continue improving with the goal of providing you with the best fantasy sports experience. Please continue giving us feedback, as it helps us continue to evolve into the best product we can be.