After a busy offseason in the development lab, we are thrilled to share with you some big news.

Hi Sleepers!

After a busy offseason in the development lab, we are thrilled to share with you some big news.

By now, many of you have seen the major upgrades we have made to season-long leagues on Sleeper. I’m excited to reveal that we have also been cranking away at leveling up the content experience on the app as well!

Today, we are officially launching new and improved content and social features on Sleeper. Here are some highlights I’d like to share:

Coverage for All Major Sports — 24/7

The #1 request from our community has been to expand coverage on Sleeper to more sports beyond football.

We are now officially supporting up-to-the-minute coverage for all major sports. Starting today, you can now customize and follow channels for every league (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Premier League, and more), as well as create feeds for your favorite teams (including both college and pro!).

(L) Left panel to manage channels, (M) Search for leagues and teams, (R) Access feeds for your favorite sports & teams

More Immersive Content

Not only are we broadening the coverage into other sports, we are also deepening the content we provide within each one.

In addition to our lightning fast news and injury updates for fantasy, channels now include access to highlight videos, in-depth articles, funny content, and social media posts for your favorite sports and teams.

As always, content on Sleeper populates in real-time. You get information on our app before it becomes trending, ensuring that you are always a part of the conversation from the very beginning.

(L) Immersive video content, (M) funny posts & social media, (R) In-depth articles on our favorite teams

Personalized Feeds

Now that you have the world of content at your fingertips, we have also made it easier for your to personalize what you see. Your channels and feeds can be customized from the left panel on the Sleeper app, and you can even set custom notifications at the channel level to ensure your alerts come in the way you want them.

Taking personalization even one step further, we have also added a summary “My Feed” section that pulls in the highest priority content in all of your subscribed channels, creating a personalized dashboard for your favorite feeds.

(L) Left panel accesses “My Feed”, (R) Customized dashboard with the hottest topics for all of your subscribed channels

Every piece of content on Sleeper is made to be social.

Like an article or video highlight? Jump in and chat with other fans, or send a cheer with Sleeper’s interactive beer icon. Your “cheers” help surface the most relevant information in each channel, and determine what is hot/not in the world of sports (think of the beer button like an up-vote).

We believe that the fan voice is important in sports, and have designed every channel and topic in a way to facilitate conversations between fans. Chat, conduct polls, and interact with other fans regardless of the content type.

Comments and beer cheers are both tracked in real-time, allowing us to surface the hottest takes and trending comments from within each topic. Each topic header is expandable, and will include pinned messages, polls, and the hottest takes from the community so you can quickly get what’s important/funny within a thread.

(L) Pinned polls & highlights, (R) Expandable thread headers that highlight the best comments

Beefed Up Research (aka More Stats!)

By now, you should be familiar with the right panel of the app where all of the real-time scores, stats, and data can be accessed for your fantasy leagues.

We have continued to beef up that section of the app, and in addition to the trending players (which act as a stock ticker for player value by showing real-time net add/drop data), we have now added more detailed stat projections for each player, including support for multiple scoring types and filters for specific statistical categories.

Rankings and projections now support Standard, Half PPR, PPR, 2QB, and even Dynasty leagues, and stats can be sorted with powerful search and filtering capabilities by position or by stat. You can even customize which stats show up in the view by accessing the settings for player research.

We have also continued to optimize the real-time scores, stats, and play-by-plays in the research center. On game day, you’ll feel like you are right in the midst of the action with lightning fast updates for all of your games.

(L) Sortable stats and rankings, (M) Customizations for your view, (R) Real-time scores and stats

Hope you all enjoy the update! More to come soon.

-Nan (aka @tobrepeels)