Hi everyone,

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and getting excited for the start of fantasy football season!

As some of you know, last year we launched season-long fantasy football leagues on Sleeper.

Our mission is to create a league experience that puts the user first, is completely-ad free, and which offers league chat in a modern interface to make trade activity, smack talk, and game days more fun with your friends.

We also want to provide the league customizations you deserve, on both web and mobile, and offer it for free.

Our team is grateful for everyone who has created leagues, submitted feature requests, or reached out with words of encouragement. Many of you have helped us directly hone in on features that continue to push the envelope and change the game.

I’m excited to highlight some of the exciting updates we have in store for 2018, and look forward to hosting many of you and your leaguemates on Sleeper for the upcoming season.

Expanded League Options

    Advanced Player Research & Stats

      Turbocharged Score Center

      • Massive performance boost to the overall game center for game days
      • The fastest scores period. Your box scores and fantasy scores will update in real-time
      • Live play by plays of your match-up with contextual fantasy points
      • Box scores based on your fantasy scoring settings. No more looking at box scores that only show stats and trying to do conversions in your head
      • Quick access to see all top performers of the week in a real-time leaderboard
      • A visual representation of how far away each of your players are from the end-zone on a football field UI

      Mock Draft

      • Mock draft against other real players or against CPU (practice makes perfect)
      • Save your mock draft settings for quicker and easier repeated mocking
      • More realistic draft behavior, incorporating real-time ADP which takes into account last few hours of actual user draft behavior, so that our CPUs simulate real people instead of drafting off static rankings
      • Each mock draft has a unique link that you can share with your friends so they can mock with you (or if you have a community or follower network, you can also share your draft results or post it so people can join or watch live)
      • Read for more information on how to mock draft on Sleeper

      Open API

      • We have opened up our API and provided detailed documentation so that 3rd party sites and developers can integrate with Sleeper and build new features and products on top of our platform (we believe in a collaborative environment, and want to work with you all to build the next generation of sports sites/apps)

      Sleeperbot is now Sleeper

      Finally, a small update on our name change.

      We made the decision to drop the “bot” from our name, and become “Sleeper” because we felt the shortened version more appropriately reflected our mission and team.

      A sleeper is an underdog that exceeds their expectations and becomes a prominent option or breakout performer. We relish the opportunity to live up to that ethos, and look to innovate in a notoriously top-heavy sports industry with large lethargic corporations. With your support, we have grown to be more than just an alerts and news app, and have our sights set on helping build the next generation of sports products. Fantasy is just the start.

      On behalf of the team, thanks for making Sleeper one of the top fantasy platforms in such a short time — we are on track to be the 4th largest platform this season (after ESPN, Yahoo!, and NFL.com), and are catching up to the NFL quickly.

      Our promise is to put the fan first, and to listen to your feature requests as we continue to build out the platform. Don’t hesitate to reach out, let us know your thoughts, and we’ll do our best to incorporate your feedback into our continued growth and development. Together, the collective fan voice has the power to shake up the industry.

      Dilly Dilly,

      • Nan (aka tobrepeels)