Lock-in mode is a weekly head-to-head fantasy basketball game and works just like the TV game show "Deal-or-no-Deal".

The problem

Traditional fantasy basketball is an unbalanced game, due primarily to the NBA schedule.

Wins and losses are largely determined by how many games your stars have in any given week, making the result far from rewarding.

Adding to this problem is the concept of rest days where stars regularly sit out games in the middle of the week.

Lock-in mode

Lock-in mode is a weekly head-to-head fantasy basketball game and works just like the TV game show "Deal-or-no-Deal".

After your player plays a game, you have the option to lock in their fantasy points for that game (take the deal) to count towards your weekly total score. If you lock in a game, you can no longer lock in another game from the same player for that week.

We believe you will enjoy Lock-in mode for the following reasons:

  1. Ensures that each owner has the exact same number of games played.
  2. Makes every game potentially significant.
  3. Your opponent's roster strength makes decision-making potentially dynamic.
  4. The games you lock in impact how your opponent reacts and vice versa.

Compare this with traditional fantasy basketball, where the draft is the only strategic moment in the season.


Who can I lock in?

Only players in your starting lineup can have their fantasy points from their previous game locked in.

How much time do I have to decide if I want to lock in a player?

Until their next game begins. If the week is over, the player's final game of the week will be locked in for you.

Do bench points count?

No, only starters.

Can I undo my Lock-In pick if my next game did not start yet?

No. Once you submit your Lock-In pick, you cannot undo or alter that.

Can I move my player into a different positional slot after locking them in?

No. Once locked in, the player and the starting slot they occupy cannot be changed. Choose wisely.

Can I move a bench player who just played into a starting slot to lock in their score?

No, you cannot. The player would need to occupy a spot in your starting lineup at the time of that game in order to get points for it.

Can I add a player from free agency or waivers and get points from their most recent game?

No, you cannot. You can use that player moving forward, but they would have needed to be in your lineup at the time of the game to get those points.

What happens if a player is traded?

Once a trade is processed, you can only accumulate points for the newly-acquired player moving forward. You cannot get points from a previous game that week for them.

Additionally, if Team A locked in points for James Harden on Tuesday, and they trade him to Team B, Harden cannot be used for the remainder of the matchup. The points will remain with Team A that week.

What if I forget to Lock-In a game for a player?

Sleeper will take the fantasy points scored in his team's final game of the week once the week ends. This means that it's possible to get zero points if the player did not play. We will not revert to the player's most previously played game.

If you have any other questions, please contact [email protected]