Sleeper Media: A Modern Media Business from the team that changed fantasy sports.

The media landscape is rapidly evolving. Sports fans today are increasingly consuming news and entertainment from individual creators rather than solely from legacy media networks. At Sleeper, we’re embracing this shift with the launch of Sleeper Media, a creator-centric media business that will complement and accelerate our core fantasy sports business. 

Sleeper Media features creators who produce Sleeper-branded content – for example, podcasts and short-form videos on TikTok and Instagram – related to the sports available for season-long and daily fantasy play within our app. Eventually, we plan to produce a channel of content available 24/7 on our app, YouTube, Twitch, and other video platforms.

We believe Sleeper Media will create more ways for our growing community to connect, and thus serve our mission of building and strengthening friendships through sports. 

Why Sleeper Media is a Win for Creators

We aim to make Sleeper Media the best – and most lucrative – home for emerging sports creators by delivering unique support in the areas of monetization, marketing, and production.

In addition to paying creators to create content, we will share revenue from the ways we monetize that content – for example, sponsorship, merchandise, and events. Over the course of a multi-year partnership, the creator will earn an increasing share of that revenue. We will also manage all sponsorship, merchandise, and event business development on behalf of the creators that are part of Sleeper Media. 

We’ll promote each creator in our app, which currently has more than five million monthly users, as well as across social media. We’ll also dedicate in-house production resources to help creators elevate their content and attract new followers. This suite of support will free emerging creators – many of whom are “sleepers” in their own right – to focus on creating content that will best help them increase their profile and earning power in the creator economy. 

“We believe Sleeper Media will accelerate our already rapid growth, unlock meaningful new revenue streams, and continue to make our app the best place to build and strengthen friendships through sports,” said Nan Wang, Sleeper Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re just as excited about the potential impact Sleeper Media will have on the creator economy, as we’re pioneering a new model where the bulk of revenue, as well as significant marketing and production support, will go straight to creators.” 

Pocket Presence

Sleeper Media is now live with the launch of Pocket Presence, a football podcast hosted by creator, and former NFL quarterback, Kurt Benkert. Pocket Presence brings fans inside the lines, delivering NFL analysis and daily fantasy football advice through the eyes of a former signal caller. In the show, Benkert shares his top picks of the week, touches on sports culture, and welcomes special guests – all in his unique and entertaining style.

“I’ve had the idea for a while to create a show about my passions – football analysis, media, and sports culture – and I'm incredibly grateful to be partnering with Sleeper to make it happen,” said Kurt Benkert, host of Pocket Presence. “Given the foundation I've built with my business and the marketing and production support Sleeper offers, it feels like there's no limit to what Pocket Presence can achieve.”

Pocket Presence episodes are available on Apple, Spotify, and other podcast providers, with content also available on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and X.

We expect to add upwards of 100 creators to Sleeper Media over the next year. If you’re interested in becoming a Sleeper Creator, submit your show or show idea to [email protected]