Related: Why you should use Sleeper draftboard for your live drafts

Related: Why you should use Sleeper draftboard for your live drafts

The legendary Vince Lombardi once said:

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

If you’re going to win your fantasy football league this year, you’ll need a lot of perfect practice — and that means a lot of mock drafts, with the perfect mock draft tool — the Sleeper Draftboard.

The Sleeper Draftboard was originally designed for live in person drafts. The most important aspect of its design is the draftboard user interface — hence the name.

Most draft software are designed to show you picks in a list view, which prevents you from looking at your draft holistically.

We said goodbye to the list view, and decided to go with a draftboard interface:

By seeing the entire board, you gain extra context into when your turn is, what your opponents have been drafting recently, position runs, and players that might become unavailable when it is your turn.

This information is absolutely critical during a draft, where you may not have that much time to make a decision.

This season, we’ve added features to the draftboard so that you can use it for mock draft practices, either with CPUs in quick 1 minute mocks, or with others (if you share your draftboard link).

You can do mocks on our web app, Android app, or iOS app.

Step 1 — Create a Draftboard

You’ll need a Sleeper account. It’s free and doesn’t require any information other than a username.

Once you are in, you can create a draftboard:

Step 2 — Modify draft settings

You can modify the draftboard to your liking. Choose between Standard, PPR, and Half-PPR drafts.

Note: Dynasty and Rookie only mocks are coming soon!

You can also modify roster settings to match exactly what your league roster requirements:

You can even pre-set keepers on certain Squares before the draft begins!

Step 3 — Invite other people (optional)

You can draft against the CPU, real people, or both!

To invite other people, just copy your draftboard link and share it with them:

If you are bored of mocking against the CPU and want real people for a variety, try joining our Fantasy Football Chat channel and posting your mock draft link into the pinned Mock Drafts thread.

This channel is also a great place to find other people looking to mock.

Step 4 — Begin the draft

Once you are ready, start the draft by clicking on begin draft!

You can also pause the draft at any time:

Step 5 — After the draft

After the draft, share your mock draft on Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter to get opinions on how you did!

We save all your previous mock draft results so that you can access them any time.

Not just mocks, but live drafts too.

Keep in mind that this very same draftboard can be used for your league’s live draft as well, whether you play on Sleeper or another platform.

It comes complete with Dark Theme and Big Screen Mode, and was the draftboard of choice for tens of thousands of leagues last year.

You can learn more here about why you should use Sleeper Draftboards for your live draft.