Fantasy LoL is tailored to players of all types, and we created this as a way for fans to interact and compete around a game you already know and love. Everybody has an equal chance to win in fantasy, and that’s what makes it so pure and unpredictable.

League of Legends has been around since 2009 and has become very popular with millions of daily players, and our fantasy leagues will give fans an opportunity to participate in something that is enjoyable and entertaining.

Fantasy LoL is tailored to players of all types, and we created this as a way for fans to interact and compete around a game they already know and love. Your level of LoL fandom doesn’t matter. Your skill level of the actual game doesn’t matter. Everybody has an equal chance to win in fantasy, and that’s what makes it so pure and unpredictable.

Our passionate team of designers and engineers have loaded this game up with stunning graphics, research tools, and live stats to provide an exceptional fantasy experience.

Grab a group of friends and join a league together and we’ll walk you through the rest. After the first few matches, you’ll be able to understand why the fantasy experience on Sleeper can be so incredible and fun.

New Fantasy Sport

Playing a new fantasy sport can be an extremely rewarding experience for everyone. It is a great way to learn about a sport, follow your favorite players, or just spend time with family and friends.

It is also a great way to compete against your friends, and to flex your knowledge! It requires dedication and time to build and form a team that can remain competitive for the entire season.

By playing Fantasy LoL, you’ll get to experience what it feels like to be a GM or a coach, and you’ll be tasked with making some tough decisions each week.

Getting Started

Download the Sleeper app, create a league, and invite some friends. Sleeper is available on both iOS and Android.

There can be up to 10 teams in a league, and each team will draft five players.

Draft Day

Arguably one of the most exciting parts of any fantasy league is the draft. This is where you get to begin construction of your team in a turn-based format of player selections.

You and your leaguemates will need to decide on a time to have your draft, and we offer an option to help you vote on when is best for your league.

Once you have a time decided, try to get together virtually and chat with everyone else while it’s going on. A draft of this length usually takes about an hour, so plan on grabbing a drink and a snack and having a good time with your leaguemates.

Each player will take sequential turns picking players for their team until each team has 5 players. The 5 players that make up your roster will consist of one in each of the different player roles: 1 Top Lane (TOP), 1 Jungler (JUN), 1 Mid Lane (MID), 1 AD Carry (ADC), and 1 Support (SUP).

Once everyone has made their first selection, the order of the picks goes in the other direction. So the last person in round one to make a pick, gets to start round two.

In the third round of the draft, there is a reversal to help balance and even the playing field. You can view the actual pick numbers on the draftboard at any time to see when your team is up.

If you would like to practice ahead of time, we have practice draft lobbies available for you to practice, or mock draft on. These mock drafts will allow you to get a good sense of what you can expect from your league’s real draft.

Once the draft is complete and you have chosen your five players, you now have your team!

These 5 players are who you will start the season with, and they may change over the course of nine weeks by adding undrafted players.

After your draft is complete, you’ll be able to see who your opponent is for Week 1 and which players they have.

Your goal for each week is to score more points than your opponent. If you do that, you’ll earn a victory and your record will move to 1-0. After seven regular-season weeks, the teams with the best records will make it into the playoffs, which are two weeks long.

Picks & Bans

In order to add another layer of strategy to the game, there is one other twist we’ve added when it comes to matchups, and those are picks and bans.

Every week, each team can select one champion per player they own to accumulate double the points. A champion is a character that the League of Legends players will choose to play with against their opponent.

This is where a lot of strategy comes into play, and it’s recommended to do some research as you consider your options. You can view detailed player cards by pressing on any champion right within the app.

Additionally, each user can select one champion per player to ban from the opponent's lineup for that week. That means those points will not count in your league's matchup, regardless of how many that champion accumulates.

The strategy is to outsmart your opponent by choosing the right champions to pick for your players, and banning the right ones for your opponent.

As shown in the photos above, this team is relying on Miss Fortune for bonus points, and has banned Aphelios from their opponent's lineup.

Live Matchups

Finally, once the games begin, you can track how your players are doing in real time.

The matchup screen gives you a breakdown of points for each player and details on how those points were achieved. You'll be able to view Kills/Deaths/Assists and bonus points, as well as your champion pick and ban bonuses.

Winning It All

Fantasy leagues can get very competitive, even for casual players, but the feeling of winning your league’s championship is unforgettable. You’ll forever go down in your league’s history as the champion for that season, and you’ll have to defend your title the next split.

In order to get there, you will need to pay close attention to your team each week and prepare it in the best way possible to maximize your chances of winning.

We can’t promise that you’ll win your fantasy league, but we can provide you with a terrific fantasy LoL experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Download the Sleeper app and get started today!